Poppets, Los Angeles is home to some fine blends. And, the older I get the more I rely on that velvety smooth, slightly chocolatey/butterscotchy jolt in the morning. As in, if I don’t get it I’m likely to snarl.

We do the French press thing at home. For awhile the Kid experimented with different brews and tried the Scandinavian method which involved boiling the grounds with egg shell, a process of which I was dubious but resulted in splendid coffee.

This is the method as described by Alfred Lunt in “The Tester’s Edition of Alfred Lunt’s Cookbook: The Never-Before-Published, Much-Sought-After, Recipe Collection of Broadway’s Greatest Actor, Alfred Lunt”… I think I would have done something different with the title but the recipes are great 😉



  1. George Kaplan

    Ah, Ms Lester, how I love the world in which you do live! Even the coffee-making has style. 🙂 The kid’s talents know no end!
    Oh, the Amazing Mr Lunt – no hiding of lights under…you know there 😉

  2. Heather in Arles

    That is far, far too much work–there is NO way I could wait that long in the morning without becoming a danger to myself and others. Although that would be coffee plus breakfast all in one! 😉 No, I am the sad, sad girl that hovers like a crack addict during the five minutes it takes for the French press…

  3. George Kaplan

    “Hovers like a crack addict…” Heather you are *hilarious*! Being childish I have to get my fix of a certain sodapop everyday. Otherwise, I get to jonesing 😉 And don’t get me started on crisps…

    • Heather in Arles

      Sodapop and crisps! *shaking head sadly in dismay, speechless*
      And cheers right back at ya, Madame Lester! Although it is in the 90s and we don’t have AC in Yee Olde France so the thought of a cuppa pipin’ hot joe doesn’t ACTUALLY sound so tempting right about now…

  4. You know what.I am an Englishman with such a vengeance that I could earn a fortune in Hollywood as a complete stereotype. Alas but for one thing. I hate tea and have only drunk it a couple of times in my life. I would {almost} rather drink boiled residue of slug juice.

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