Passport photographs of celebrities – in pictures | Life and style | The Guardian

Rock HudsonPhotograph: Shaan Kokin/Julien’s Auctions /Rex Features

Passport photographs of celebrities – in pictures | Life and style | The Guardian.


  1. George Kaplan

    Fascinating! Thanks for the link.
    They should follow up with one on Police Mug Shots of Celebrities, Bob Mitchum’s was a hoot! He just didn’t give a toot!

      • beautycalyptique

        yes! exactly!
        I need to add, I discovered Bowie when I was a kid of 13 who was raised on *clichΓ©e alert* on classic music (and some abba my mum danced to) and he was a revelation… even though I first saw him in that psychedelic & geeky Labyrinth movie. and all I wanted to listen to was Bowie!
        my dad took advantage of this nerdiness – he would buy me a new album each time I could prove I understood and knew the complete lyrics of the album I just got… and I just started with english! dad was even rather pleased then shocked once this deal made him buy me a new album each WEEK πŸ˜‰

        talking about music was my first love, heh? πŸ˜‰

  2. Dearest V
    Things have been Zowie Bowie all summer here.
    His retrospective became the biggest selling exhibition at the V&A in recent history, the BBC devoted a weekend to him across radio and television and, well, it just gave one the chance to reignite the infatuation.
    The Dandy must confess to being pleased as punch to say I was present one of the last times he played to a large audience and it was… magical.
    Oh and ain’t Rock just handsome farm hand material, ahem.
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

  3. Vickie,that was very interesting.I had missed this completely.Marc Feld or the Bopping Imp or Marc Bolan gives his height as five foot seven.Maybe that was wishful thinking as I thought that he was about two inches shorter than that.I once wanted to be him.Whatever must have come over me.

      • Vickie.Yes indeed I sent you in the direction of Bolan.He was a very strange one indeed.Some thought him sincere others an opportunist who only wanted fame.I sometimes read some of his lyrics and think,obscure but lovely and others what nonsense I can understand why some think of him as a pretentious pseudo poet.Truth to tell in my opinion he was just a very uneven writer and sometimes came up with something beautiful and other times with something awful.

        Anyway glad you found him interesting.Sad and sudden death though.

  4. George Kaplan

    Beautyapocalyptique, another Bowie fan! Whoo! I, too, first really became aware of the Thin White Duke when I saw Labyrinth as a child. Even then I adored his voice, and later became a HUGE fan. πŸ™‚

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