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July 13, 2019 /

Don’t worry. It’s not contagious. I am increasingly persnickety; about the state of the world, modern discourse, and, hell’s bells, my favorite bakery is closed for renovation. Translation, I’m in a mood. To combat my discomposure I walk, write, read—generally in that order—and in between all have many cups of…

November 1, 2015 /
April 28, 2014 /

After Other Voices was published, Truman came wafting into the office one day and told me that Vogue wanted him to go to Hollywood for two weeks to write the impressions of a young writer who had never before been there. They offered him two thousand and expenses for two…

August 1, 2013 /

Photograph: Shaan Kokin/Julien’s Auctions /Rex Features Passport photographs of celebrities – in pictures | Life and style | The Guardian.

January 5, 2013 /

The young Truman Capote of “Other Voices”. Beaton worried that success had changed Truman, and he wrote in his diary that “he looks like a tycoon, thickset, well-dressed, no longer the little gnome of Other Voices…. I secretly feel T. is in a bad state and may not last long.” …