You know, the one made out of the old green velvet drapes…

A perfect example of how wardrobe helps tell the story:

Visiting Rhett in her finery:


  1. “What are you doin’ with Miss Ellen’s portieres?”
    “I’m going to Atlanta and I gotta go looking like a queen.”
    “Oh no’um you ain’t! Not in Miss Ellen’s portieres!”

    “Miss Starlett that dress! You look Stunning.”
    “Oh thank you Ratt…I saw it in the window and I just couldn’t resist.”

  2. George Kaplan

    Oh those costumes of the talented Mr Plunkett. And then there’s poor, luminous Vivien… I sympathize with her so much she even makes Scarlett bearable. Also, although dreary conventional wisdom states that it’s manly macho ursine Kowalski we’re supposed to be impressed by in Streetcar, my sympathies lie with Ms Leigh’s fragile gorgeous Blanche for all her flaws. For all his “vigor”, for all that Brando’s perf is iconic, Stanley is a sweaty selfish moron! (I suppose that’s the appeal, to which I raise my eyebrow and mold my features into a suitable expression of disgust!) Well, off-topic excoriatory ironic rant ends… 😉
    The color of Gone With the Wind is so luxurious, few other movies look like it.
    Oh, and this peek at GWTW costuming reminds me of the hilarious Carol Burnett Show parody!

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