Annex - Stewart, James_05james stewart  1937 - by ted allan


  1. George Kaplan

    No contest! The first one is staid and fairly flat, but the second looks, as I seem to recall you saying in the preview post, burnished. The light shining off Jimmy’s face, hair, and clothes almost seems to emerge from within. I love the interplay of darkness and light, and the way Stewart’s head appears to *loom* benignantly. You’d make a great personal tutor, Vickie!

  2. George Kaplan

    Hear, hear, Monsieur Dandy! May I hazard the suggestion it has something to with the culture? Muscles and blank faces… Ptui!

  3. Heather in Arles

    I kind of appreciate the first photo for that important element of sadness that he often carried around as if it weighed down his shoulders…

  4. Stanley dorfman

    Ted was a genius photographer, you could never see where the light was coming from !
    He was also a very kind and charismatic man and he was also my landlord !
    When I asked to sign a contract when I took the house he said ” if you don’t like the house you’ll leave and if we don’t like you you’ll leave ” !!!!
    That was 4o years ago !

    • Hello, Stanley!
      He conjured starlight, didn’t he? I get the same feeling looking at his photographs as I get looking at a painting. The art behind the scenes of Hollywood is so fascinating, it makes this a uniquely magical place, thank you for your contributions.

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