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I’ve always loved words. I ate up all the books I could get my hands on, and when I couldn’t get books, I read candy wrappers and labels on cereal and toothpaste boxes.

June 21, 2014 /

She was intelligent and not at all like the dumb blonds she so often depicted. She didn’t give a damn where the camera was placed, how she was made to look, or about being a star. She just played the scene — acted with, not at. She was also one…

May 21, 2014 /

Lost in Arles. – Available for une bise (that’s French for a kiss on the cheek, doll, oh, and 5.99) on Amazon: Paperback and Kindle. I can’t guarantee it’ll turn you into a peachy skinned, globe trotting, green-eyed beauty, but it can’t hurt.    

May 18, 2014 /