Irene Dunne reads on set

Irene Dunne reading on set


  1. George Kaplan

    Charming picture, she looks pretty intent there. I also like her face and hairstyle (because it suits her) though that’s straying off-topic…

  2. Yes charming picture.Pity I could read the book title.Had I not been able to I might have been able to say.Mrs Dunne studies her husbands work and cannot understand a word.Dunne was a writer of what was called a Serial Theory of Time.About the right period as well.Damn.

  3. A whole lot safer than a man who had unusual theories about time.As for the time travelling Dunne I had his book as a schoolboy, when it was given to me for free by a delightful old lady who ran a bookshop I patronised on my way home.She was very generous and I am sure gave me more books than I ever bought.

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