Dim Sum Sunday and the Prime Meridian

This, my angels, is a photo of Yours Truly and Mr. Truly sometime around twenty-five years ago… Now, I did snap a picture of the two of us at our regular Sunday outing to the most fabulous dumpling house in the Los Angeles basin, and I was willing to share — even though I’m letting my grey grow out. However, a certain handsome fellow thought it best if people were to remember him, as he was…

Mr. and Mrs. Photo by Melinda Sue Gordon

Mr. and Mrs. Photo by Melinda Sue Gordon

Which brings me to this, the Prime Meridian, in Greenwich — and a thought I had this morning about finding your bearings, and the importance of tradition, especially family tradition.

Greenwich-london_latnivalokIn our family the Kid always texts me when he’s out and about to make the approach to home. I got this photo right before we were leaving for Dim Sum this morning – with a message  (short, as is the custom with young men) that he had arrived and was tired but venturing out in search of shampoo. The Kid has landed, this is his place not far from the university, all’s right with the world.

Picture 6

I’ll see you sometime next week, working on the final edit of the book.


  1. My “little girl” just posted a picture taken from the top of the Empire State Building. Her big sister landed in Tallahassee 4 days ago, moving away for the first time. Oh, the places they’ll go, if we set them off in the right direction!

    • You are soooooo right! He looked at places that were the size of a closet. I think he would have had difficulty turning over in bed. This one room joint has a loft bed under a 14 ft. ceiling so the floor space can be turned into a sewing/design studio.

  2. Heather in Arles

    What a beautiful, beautiful couple. Made my heart go all pitter pat with the force of love evident between you.
    The Kid’s place is absolutely fantastic!! My goodness, not bad at all for student digs…
    Sending good energy for the Final Edit–whoohoooooo!

    • Your good energy is much appreciated! I have a feeling the force is strong within you and your mister, too. As to the student digs, they are very nice and the view of the ancient church across the way is kind of expansive for the cramped streets around the university.

      • Heather in Arles

        Your feeling would be right about that. 🙂 And ps. Looking at this photo again, you remind me of Helena Bonham Carter in a Room with a View except you are even prettier!

    • How lovely to grab a cup of coffee and turn on the computer to see a note from a Zoo Princess! I would happily accept, but I am so very busy completing the final edit of my book. In the meantime I’ll just have to keep enjoying your posts and consider the profound differences between a comma, semicolon, and hyphen. 😉

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