If you’re expecting a refund from the I.R.S. you’ll have to wait until Congress decides to uphold the good faith and credit of the American People.

“I enjoy this country. I like the parks and the highways and the good schools and everything that this government does. After all, every cent anybody pays in taxes is spent to benefit him. I don’t need $465,000 a year for myself, so why not give what I don’t need to the government for improvements of the country. There’s no better place to spend it.”

Carole Lombard

(Cary Grant, Carole Lombard, Noel Coward)

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  1. November 26, 2012

    Now that is a patriot !! She was a pip!

    • November 26, 2012

      Absolutely remarkable woman, and very much a patriot.

  2. November 26, 2012

    That’s the spirit we must all embrace. President Hollande said recently that anyone can live well on 4k per month. If we really think about it (and don’t have children), he’s right.

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