Migraine Friday – Sorry I haven’t been responding to comments

This is a dance troupe from 1938 that performed in Los Angeles — one of them is Sybil Shearer – kinda the mama of Modern Dance… I love the image and it struck me as vertiginous — which I pat myself on the back for pulling out of my foggy brain at the moment. Uhm… The peacock cape… for those who inquired, the birds molt and the feathers are gathered and it probably took about 2,000 to make that garment. Shalimar, yes, most likely brought home by my dad from France when he returned home to Mom after WWII along with a Leica camera my brother still has, and some frightening photos of bombed out cities. Roosevelt rocked and I want to know more about the dark side of Churchill… Strange hats… de rigueur for the Halloween season.  Be well beloved readers!Sybil Shearer, Katharine Manning, Eva Desca, Doris Humphrey, Beatrice Seckler, Joan Levy, Harriette Anne Gray and Katharine Setz 1938


  1. beautycalyptique

    while whishing you may get well soon from all my heart, my holistic suggestion for banishing migraines forever (why, some people choose to keep theirs as an ultima ratio to be left alone once in a while) would be one of three things that matter: a healthy back and neck; proper diet – because undiscovered allergies/intolerances can give you a really bad time; and enough hydration.

      • beautycalyptique

        ah, meteoropathy. yes, yes. they might, you’re absolutely right. but one can grid oneself. won’t always work, but most of the time. by now I only experience fatigue but no pain due to crazy cosmic jive 😉

  2. aubrey

    I was once diagnosed with ‘migraine-like symptoms’: I was crippled with them, so I can’t imagine what you’ve been going through, my poor dear. I do remember being desperately sick with chicken pox (in my THIRTIES) and what helped me was a cool, wet rag on my forehead and Billie Holiday on my cassette player.

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