Dolores del Rio – houses before and after Cedric Gibbons

JOHN FORD: “As a beauty, Dolores del Rio is in a class with Greta Garbo. Then she opens her mouth and becomes Minnie Mouse.” Okay, her voice was not that high pitched. I suspect he was referring to the emotional range of her performances. Kind of like an old time version of Blake Lively. Come on, I know you’ve read the reviews of “Savages”. Back to the point…

Here’s Dolores:

Here’s the house she lived in until she married Cedric Gibbons:

Cedric Gibbons was the one of the big kahunas of design, one of the founding members of the Academy, designed the Oscar statuette, won so many Oscars I can’t list them all… and didn’t  win for “The Wizard of Oz”. I’m just saying.

Dolores and Cedric married in 1930 and he built her a house:


  1. Blake Lively, funny. Delores was beautiful…I rented Top Hat and I saw a very brief appearance by Lucy Ball. Of course she was sooo young and platinum hair, but her back was mostly to the camera. Thanks for reviving my interest in old movies! I watch Fred and Ginger and I just smile. Can’t imagine the effect they had on the folks in the 1930’s.

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