This week the line-editor and I complete the manuscript

photo copyDriving home from Dim Sum Sunday the weekend after Thanksgiving, we came to a road so beautiful, so golden with autumn, that I made The Mister pull over and hopped out of the car to snap this picture.

As it is I can barely contain myself, because—drum roll please—this is the week the editor and I finish the novel.

The art for the jacket has been photographed, the cover has been designed, the blurbs are in place, the book’s pages will be laid out under the keen eye of one of my favorite graphic artists…

How do I feel? I know you haven’t inquired, but I’m going to to tell ya anyway. Elated!

Have a wonderful week, V

Tea and editing, a novel approach. | BEGUILING HOLLYWOOD.



  1. George Kaplan

    CONGRATULATIONS, VICKIE! Please keep us informed as the Tome gets ready to, er, roll off the presses. I wish you all possible good luck, Authoress. I can’t wait to read it! Boy, I sound like Mr Slimy but I mean what I say!
    Warm regards, George x

    • Yesterday when the last notes came in I was kind of in a daze…
      I’m still not precisely sure of the release date, I have a vague idea, but when it’s solidified I’ll send up a flare.

  2. Heather in Arles

    I am so veddy veddy excited for you Ms V and cannot wait to buy it, then see the movie version! tehehe
    Take good care of yourself during this stressful week ahead.
    Grooos Bisous.

    • It would be one of those movies about Hollywood…ah oh…there’s only one that ever did well 😉 .
      Will definitely remember to get up and stretch in between bouts of typing.
      Sending you much love, V

  3. George Kaplan

    Sunset Blvd., The Bad and The Beautiful, What Price Hollywood?, Silent Movie, The Player, Singin’ in the Rain… There’s always a smart ass! C’mon, Vickie, you’re in with a shot! Movie ahoy!

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