Whoa, take ‘er easy there, Pilgrim…. What can I say? Once upon a time John Wayne was adorable. Either that or my cold is worse than I thought.

John WayneJohn Wayne portrait


  1. They guy made a slew of great movies too: Stagecoach, Fort Apache (one of my all time favorite movies), The Searchers, and True Grit (though I like the recent one better). I’ll not comment on “what happened to him,” since this is only day 2 of the new year, and I’m still being (relatively) nice.

  2. theartisticpackrat

    0.0 Wow. Didn’t know John Wayne was such a looker when he was younger. Not that he was horrible looking later, but…Damn.

  3. Vickie,Ah yes very witty-a bottle of hooch collided with his liver.I think I read something about it in the papers now you remind me.I believe that the bottle of hooch was driving carelesssly when it happened to drive straight into his liver.At first it seemed that the two might fall into a fight but then they became good friends and stayed very close throughout the rest of their lives.

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