Another shaggy dog story

Sometimes you find your soul mate. Sometimes a perfect companion.

And sometimes…

There was a second-generation actor who almost made it to the altar several times, but was hung up by his fascination with strippers.  Throughout his life he would make marked achievements and then crash, not only his cars, but also his personal growth in a slippery wash of alcohol.

It looked like he was going to make a stunning comeback in a film shot on location in frigid Canada, but then things went awry. The film lost its financing. The second-generation actor became over fond of a dog he had seen while jogging in the pre-dawn hours and figuring it for a stray (or, snatching it off its owner’s front porch, it depends on who you ask) he brought the frisky animal home with him to Malibu.

Fame has its advantages, but that doesn’t extend to stealing. He avoided a court case after the return of the dog.

C’est ça! What can I say?


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