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January 5, 2014 /

Sometimes you find your soul mate. Sometimes a perfect companion. And sometimes… There was a second-generation actor who almost made it to the altar several times, but was hung up by his fascination with strippers.  Throughout his life he would make marked achievements and then crash, not only his cars,…

January 5, 2014 /

This handsome pooch just cost a major motion picture studio ten million dollars, and I’m referring to the creature with the fur. Let’s just say a certain person was slated to make a sea faring epic in the antipodes, Australia, to be precise, and due to quarantine laws their furry…

November 19, 2013 /

Owner of the mighty seven inch mutt (Mr. Piddles, not his real name) who pitches like a major leaguer. Take me out to tea, or the chew toy gets it.

November 19, 2012 /

Okay, let’s be kind and call this fanciful — where even your pooch can get a shampoo and a pedicure: –

October 7, 2012 /

As you might have gleaned by now, when there’s a story to tell about Hollywood, I’m inclined to change the names and mix it up a bit to protect the innocent. What follows is mostly true, except what’s not. “Okay. No baseball. What you’ve got to do is barge back…