Actor’s quirks and food issues

I admit it; life on set is not all it’s cracked up to be. However, people do develop the most outrageous compensatory behaviors. One actor wiles away the boredom in between set calls by standing starkers in his trailer, arms uplifted, and demands to be dressed head to toe, without an iota… without even a lift of his little finger. Another pitches a fit and calls his agent in a huff, yelling the PA’s are attempting homicide, “Travis! Travis! They’re killing me here!,” because he cannot find a cola or a bagel for his breakfast.

Which leads me to actresses and their food issues. Remember, these are ladies who are paid handsomely to maintain a weight your mother would (vociferously) not approve of. Have you heard of the maple syrup diet? The Paleolithic diet? Raw food only? Raw, an enchanting notion that even rules out tea because it is heated to above 110 degrees.

I could go on and on, but I feel in need of a few carbs…


  1. George Kaplan

    Hooray for Hollywood…!
    This is funny, behaviour that in most other spheres would be seen as certifiable. Yeesh! Is the paleolithic diet one in which you can only eat what you can kill with a stone spear or does it involve eating gravel?!


    maybe wreaking havoc with the nerves of all those set members is just part of their charm? a side-effect of working with a star?

    in germany, the exclamation “so kann ich nicht arbeiten!” (I can’t work like that) is popular to reference spoilt brats on a set. or in a creative agency. you get the idea 😉

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