Ub Iwerks — King of Animation!

Just a thought, why do animators refer to their work places in terms such as these; The Termite Terrace, The Crypt, Mauschwitz, etc.?

It’s kind of gloomy this morning in LA (as this is an update in January 2014, it’s most likely sunny and warm out, unseasonably warm…) — so I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves and make myself a pot of coffee.

Chuck Jones famously said of the Iwerks Disney team that Mr. Iwerks was the one who could draw … this morning I give you the man who brought Mickey to life.

Ub Iwerks self portrait:

Expanding Mickey:


  1. George Kaplan

    Nice to see Ub get credit, Vickie. You are Amazing! Quite part from his talent, I’ve always found his name was fantastic. 🙂

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