What the Mister said about engagement rings… Don’t be conned by De Beers

Annex - Harlow, Jean_68

Keeping that in mind I tried to quell my excitement about seeing the work of master artisans: Van Cleef & Arpels, but something happened when those spotlights in the museum hit the jewels and they didn’t just glisten and glitter, they blazed and dazzled and drew me…

Annex-Dietrich-Marlene_01Turns out I am distracted by bright, shiny, objects.

Irene-Dunne-in-diamonds-1935Can you blame me?

And I, like Lorelei Lee, much prefer bracelets to rings, anyhow.


  1. I’m an odd duck: I don’t particularly care for jewels (costume jewelry is another matter, though). My husband, much to my delight, proposed without giving me an engagement ring. Most people find that weird, but I do not care!

  2. Haha, I’d be distracted too!
    I do like rings, but only the ones I wear every day. As soon as you leave out a ring, even after wearing just a few hours, it feels like your finger is missing.
    Bracelets rock.

  3. George Kaplan

    When someone proposes to their Beloved, it’s the Love not the rock that matters, no?!
    “Diamonds are forever/sparkling ’round my little finger/unlike men the diamonds linger/men are mere mortals who it’s not worth going to your grave for…” Apparently Shirley Bassey has forthright views on the subject of diamonds and disagrees! I’m a big fan of that Bond theme, it’s softly funky and tres melodramatic. 🙂

  4. George Kaplan

    Dame Shirl! The very definition of “Diva”? One can’t talk to or laugh with or kiss or cuddle or comfort a profession tho’, it seems rather sad and lonely. But each to their own-ly!


    I might be missing the point but I simply admire the photography here: captures the women’s beauty (apart from Jean Harlow, I admit I never quite got the frenzy about her – esp. her dark, hidden little eyes have something threatening and otherworldly) and the fantastic shine and lustre of the jewels.

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