How to Stay Sane in a Crazy World, by Sophia Stuart

As per the traditions of Hollywood, and my habit of turning conversations my way here’s the preface:
Oh! Talk about me? Of course! Spoiled and sheltered, and can go Sicilian in an instant.
On the other hand. There are people who restore, regenerate, thrive in self-invention, and don’t have a molecule of spite in them. They go through life sharing and communicating and extending the love. What am I talking about? Why, this book: how to stay sane in a crazy world | by sophia stuart.  There’s something really cool (aka, admirable) about a conscious choice on the author’s part to stay in the light. In the face of travail she sought a path, a path modeled in the footsteps of women in Hollywood. Women who invented themselves (Anita Loos) and supported each other (Mary Pickford and Frances Marion) and knew how to find comfort (especially on the screen). When devastating illness interrupted her life, she wanted a book to tide her through, and not finding that precious volume, she decided to write it.


How to Stay Sane in a Crazy World: A Modern Book of Hours to Soothe the Soul: Sophia Stuart: 9781401944100: Books.

On receiving a frightening diagnosis she checked into a five star hotel…
And allowed herself to seek comfort in all the wrong places…
dinner at eight
And knew enough that when her body said “slow down” she did.
She’s got the glamour, she’s got the wit, she’s got the strength, she’s got the style. And now Sophia has the book…
Me again? Well, I don’t mind if we do! Does this mean I get an autographed copy? You bet it does!


  1. Oh hooray! I am such a hopeless geek as this made me a tad teary-eyed! Just so proud of BOTH of you and am grateful to “know” you both…I am betting the diamonds that both of your books are going to be monumental successes…And now, off I go to Amazon, I can wait no longer…
    Bisous to you both, amazing ladies that you are…

  2. I Love this! Such a fantastique piece for a remarkable, indomitable, elegant woman – and the tome sounds wunderbar! Oh, and what a triumvirate of astonishing ladies: Madame Sophia, Lady Heather, and Queen Vickie. We (that is *me*) are in awe. 🙂

    • George, darling! I hope you don’t find me too familiar. We hear it’s your birthday! Felicitations! Beguiling would like to extend a gift for your frequent contributions and lovely commentary. Set a subject and we will write a post especially for you. Wishing you many more *most* happy birthdays!

  3. Oh, Ms Vickie, you touch this silly fellow’s old heart… Thank You profoundly. I would ask You to write a post about your Amazing self but somehow I doubt you’d go for that! Let me reach inside the old hat box and see what I can find… Boundless Love, George

  4. Well here I am home from work where I tweeted and Facebooked this post on the sly… And I am so happy I did. We love our Team Gloria almost as much as we love our Vickie. I am off to Amazon to per-order my book. Love love LOVE!

  5. wow, just gotta love how you bring together the fabric of TG’s and your own storytelling. brilliant. delicious.
    Chapeau, Madame!

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