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December 5, 2020 /
April 8, 2017 /

I have a friend I met when we were nine. This picture of Mary Pickford reminds me of her, the solid gaze, the bold spirit, and the curls. She’s the only person I’ve ever known whose hair fell into perfect ringlets. Recently, she called out of the blue and we…

January 24, 2015 /

In 1924 Betty Bronson was chosen to play Peter Pan on film by the author J.M. Barrie – other contenders for the role were Mary Pickford and Gloria Swanson. Here the elfin actress leaps to the window, directed by Herbert Brenon and photographed by James Wong Howe.

August 19, 2014 /

The iconic Grauman’s Chinese Theater, designed by Raymond A. Kennedy of the architectural firm also responsible for the Egyptian,  Meyer and Holler. Douglas Fairbanks was a part owner: Along with Sid Grauman, Mary Pickford, and Howard Schenck: Jean Klossner, also know as “Mr. Footprint” came up with the concrete formula…

April 10, 2014 /
March 19, 2014 /

Designed by Roy Seldon Price, Dias Dorados – residence of the father of the studio system, Thomas H. Ince. Torn down by developers in the 1940s: Designed by Johnson, Kaufman and Coate 1922 – Meyer House, Beverly Hills – I can’t find recent records, but if this one still exists…

February 7, 2014 /
January 21, 2014 /

As per the traditions of Hollywood, and my habit of turning conversations my way here’s the preface: Oh! Talk about me? Of course! Spoiled and sheltered, and can go Sicilian in an instant. On the other hand. There are people who restore, regenerate, thrive in self-invention, and don’t have a…