They were screen lovers extraordinaire, Garbo and Gilbert, but I like to think of them like this…

John+Gilbert+%26+Greta+Garbo1955-01Life-13greta garbo john gilbert


  1. You are in my wheelhouse here, Vickie! John is my fave silent movie star, and I’ve written about him…let’s just say, a lot. I am currently working on a nice long series about him. Thanks for sharing these pics so that I can get my day started off right.

      • All obscure print publications, no links! But I will give you a heads up about the new series I am doing.

        There’s a lot about their relationship that will never really be known, and I think that is one of those things. There are contradictory tales about the whole wedding fiasco. One of the things we know beyond a doubt is that they had amazing chemistry, and we can still enjoy that even in the 21st century. 🙂

  2. Heather in Arles

    Good morning, Ms Lester! And a very fine day…a very important day…it is! How lovely to see that our pal Lanier has offered up such a fine gift. I am still swooning…
    Sending you Gros, gros Bisous ma belle.

    • Good evening! Isn’t that gorgeous? In our friend’s book she talks about movies to get you through bad times. I think “Flesh and the Devil” would definitely have to be on our list! Mwah! V

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