Julie Christie wins best actress for her portrayal of Diana Scott in Darling



  1. Did you know ( and you probably do) that she made her dress (think it was a pant suit) when she won the Oscar for Darling. Thought that was so cool in today’s age of perfection via hyper stylists.

  2. George Kaplan

    Julie Christie! Her early performance in Billy Liar was irresistible. Darling is SUCH a late Sixties time capsule in terms of style and attitude, Julie is very fine tho’ and I love the title.
    Talking of Thomas Hardy adaptations miss the Jack Gold tv version of Return of the Native by all means. Not only does it make hash of the novel but it strips out some of the powerful symbolism and adds some howlingly leaden stuff instead; not to mention that Catherine Zeta Jones (who I can’t stand) is totally inadequate to the task of playing the complex, vibrant, oddly sympathetic Eustacia Vye. Ruinous!

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