If you work on a film set this is not how you wake up in the morning. I don’t care if you’re a movie star. It’s dark out, and…

Gannam,+John3Does anyone wake up like this, even on a Sunday morning? With a fresh cup of coffee in a china cup and the paper in disarray on the sheets?

Join me in the fantasy… Why, I believe she must be reading the Los Angeles Times book review section…

I mean! Some Hollywood brat with a fake moniker to boot (Vickie Lester? Please! Well, I suppose it’s better than Esther Blodgett…) spills the beans on…oh my…who did what where? In a sex club? Location does count, especially if it’s Palm Springs! Member of what church? Wait, I thought he was straight? No! Now darling, I have impeccable gaydar and I had no idea. But none! Damn, I better call his wife…

I’m just sayin’.

It’s In His Kiss


  1. Um, er, not sure what to say . . . . although I can safely say it doesn’t happen every day but then this is my office!

    BTW, love your teaser here Vicki, did you call the wife . . . .?

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