North of Hollywood Blvd. where the swells lived, in the late 1920s…

About a block west from Gelson’s market on Franklin, across from the Bourgeois Pig cafe the Villa Carlotta is now painted… an interesting array of hues and surrounded by foliage. The apartment building was designed by Arthur E. Harvey and built in 1926 by Eleanor Ince (Thomas Ince’s widow) for an upscale Hollywood clientele. Former residents include famed director George Cukor and mogul/producer David O’Selznick.


  1. L.A., I often tell people who say “I hate Los Angeles”, is a city of hidden treasures. To see it properly you have to go on a tour with a natvie. This is one of those treasures. Lovely post Miss Lester.

  2. George Kaplan

    We’re a couple of swells… When the revolution comes, the Bourgouis Pigs (Cafe) will be first against the wall! Bwahahaha!

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