Way before Leonardo DC, Cary Grant made his winter home in Palm Springs – the Movie Colony

This my angels, is  Cary Grant’s Palm Springs estate in the early 1930s before it was Cary Grant’s (I can’t remember the story entirely, but I think it was built originally for a lady fitness enthusiast, don’t quote me on that one) — the style is referred to as Spanish Andalusian:







  1. I wonder how they came to call that style ‘Spanish Andalusian’… No Andalusian would ever recognize that sort of architecture as being local. Farmhouses (known as Cortijos) here are in the shape of a square U bolt, the square is then completed by a single wall with a large door/gate which encloses the central patio. The only similarity I can see is the rendering style.
    The closest to that style in Spain would be Basque architecture, in fact we see that type of construction a lot on the South West coast of France around Biarritz too.

  2. Some cultural avenger, a defender of taste, should emerge from the heathaze and blow all the bad signage and every steenking mini mall away! Ahem.

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