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September 25, 2014 /

King Vidor escorts his wife, actress Eleanor Boardman, to the premiere of “Marianne” in 1929: This is the house architect Wallace Neff designed for them – it was completed in 1928: laniersmith What a beautiful couple! The house looks amazing. Is that an outdoor fireplace? Hope the house is still…

August 21, 2014 /

Kitchens – this one is from a Pasadena estate and was designed by Wallace Neff: A cheerful California kitchen from 1938: And here’s one you might recognize from “My Man Godfrey”:

April 11, 2014 /
March 19, 2014 /
March 19, 2014 /

Designed by Roy Seldon Price, Dias Dorados – residence of the father of the studio system, Thomas H. Ince. Torn down by developers in the 1940s: Designed by Johnson, Kaufman and Coate 1922 – Meyer House, Beverly Hills – I can’t find recent records, but if this one still exists…

April 13, 2013 /

March 18, 2004|David A. Keeps | Times Staff Writer For Neff, an era of glamour came first He was the architect to the golden age stars, creating elaborate European-styled homes such as Pickfair. His houses are still on the A-list, sheltering Pitt, Aniston and Keaton. Innovative as they were, Wallace…