Lupe Velez shot at Gary Cooper when he was boarding a train for Chicago, but here all is hugs and roses (1932)

Gary Cooper meets Lupe Velez at Central Station, Los Angeles, in 1932:


    • I think today we’d call it a toxic relationship, very dramatic, fights and breakdowns, and his mother didn’t approve of Lupe who he was madly in love with — but — I can’t say as I blame her as Lupe once shot at him as he was boarding a train for Chicago!!!

  1. Atreyu Crimmins

    Dear Lord,

    I’ve been SUCH a good girl this last ye…two months. Please send me a husband who looks just like Gary Cooper. Oh, and while you’re at it, a villa in Tuscany. And send my darling Vickie and her hubby first class tickets to the wedding. And tell her to wear that gown she wore to that awards function “in the last decade”.

    Ever yours,


    Sorry about the pagan stuff. You know how it is and stuff.

    • You have been a brilliant girl, and if it were in my power I would deliver you Gary Cooper 2.0, but I think a certain celestial being broke the mold after they made him.

      Thanks for the Sacher Torte, you are, and continue to be absolutely delicious.


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