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December 5, 2015 /

Didn’t we all have chores? Except mine weren’t professionally photographed… . .

June 7, 2014 /

1920 – out in the fresh air: 1934 – at The Talk of the Town: A carhop on roller skates, reminiscent of Vickie Lester, hat tip to SCENTS MEMORY | There is nothing like the smell of a man..

May 27, 2014 /

“Have you met my significant other?” Anne shook her head, expecting him to introduce a strapping young man, possibly, most likely, in the acting profession. Instead he blew a kiss to a taught, angular woman in her late sixties / early seventies wrapped in an Indonesian sarong. She smiled serenely.…

March 23, 2014 /

Gary Cooper meets Lupe Velez at Central Station, Los Angeles, in 1932:

December 9, 2013 /

Mink for every day… 1954 Mink for the President’s birthday – 1962

November 5, 2013 /

Vivien Leigh arrives in Los Angeles via Paris in 1953:

August 16, 2013 /


June 23, 2013 /

Has completed his portfolio and is packing his “off to Europe” bag to sit for an entrance exam at a school of design… I will be quiet here on blog-world for the next couple of days. Best wishes, my friends! Vickie