The travel itinerary from the Paramount Pictures specified her arrival in Palm Springs…

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To say Anne was stunned when she was summoned to the winter home of Becky Nelson—head of production at a very well-known studio—would be an understatement. Becky had cut her teeth working for Anne’s father: nepotism, there was that inconvenient word again. Was this a real deal? Had it ever been? Or could she just do as she was inclined and take her first flawed effort back home with her and forget about it? Anne kept wondering how somebody was going to turn a novel—all interior monologue, about a schizophrenic psychiatrist—into a movie. To her, it didn’t seem cinematic. It never had. However, she heeded the words of her friend and agent, Danny Nero (“What? Are you crazy? Get your ass on that airplane!”), and headed where she was bid.

It’s in His Kiss by Vickie Lester


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