Can you explain the initial attraction between Minnelli and Judy Garland?


…Well, I have a theory that runs contrary to the one developed in the biographies — and there are, like, 50 books about Judy as you may know — and it is that Judy always wanted to look beautiful. It sounds very simple, but that’s one of the reasons. If you look at Meet Me in St. Louis, she has never been more beautiful than Minnelli made her look, and Judy was very, very sensitive about her looks. Plus she was attracted to older men, but not for sex. She has a complicated history too, you know…

via The Real Vincente Minnelli |


    • It’s a real cognitive shift to realize that one day all our lives will be speculative history… That came out pretty damn pompous! I mean, unless the author of that article had first hand knowledge, he was just doing his best sort out his sources and come up with something plausible. Better?

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