How I keep from getting jittery on coffee while proofing manuscript, fill the pot with flowers



  1. I hope you took the coffee out before you put the flowers in? 😉 Hey, I don’t need coffee to be jittery! Is it a coincidence that among the tags we find “Drugs”, “Pills”, “Powders”, and “ritalin”? So that’s what stops you being jittery, whatever works… Bwahahahaha!

  2. Me too, Ms Vickie. I fill my garden and home with flowers. When I am uneasy or in a frenzy, I gaze at the blooms and start to breathe again. Of course, the coffee comes first.

  3. How cool! I just bought a set of vintage-style red teapot, sugar, and creamer (all very globular and extremely cherry-hued) and I’m going to hang them over my kitchen sink in front of the window, with little ferns or ivy or something growing in them! (After I make some macrame hangers for them out of bright yellow waxed thread, of course…) Your coffee pot of blooms is perfect in that ray of sunshine.

  4. A tisane indeed Vickie.I am not sure whether it would make one healthy however.Indeed recalling just how flower water can smell quite quickly i think that it might make one quite ill.Picture nice still life however.

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