A camera-ready world of fantasy fulfilled, artifice and bone-deep glamour — or a place of dark reality…It’s in His Kiss, June 1st

Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 4.50.34 PM


  1. The anticipation is building like a growing tsunami of Awesomeness off shore!
    Interesting tag : “the snugness in his pants”! I say, Ms Vickie!

  2. You know….there is a perfume to go with IT’S IN HIS KISS! It is by Ramon Monegal, a heady white floral Oriental with notes of Tuberose, Tulu Balsam, Iris, Egyptian Jasmine and Tunisian neroli. It is steeped in old Hollywood glamour even though it was released only this year…and it is called…. Kiss My Name.

    • You’ve got my number, all right! I love those white floral Orientals.
      I saw the end of The Women last night and I feel just like Countess DeLave as the seconds tick past: Get me a bromide – and put some gin in it. 😉

      • Ahem. I do believe a certain friend – aka ME – suggested that certain of your other friends would be happy to do a blog posting for you for the launch – et VOILA. I would love to see what the endlessly talented Lanier comes up with for this.

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