I love Los Angeles. I love the light. I love the eclecticism and the architecture. Most of all I love the people.

So, when I satirize, or say dark things about the city in my novel, know that it comes from an abiding devotion to a place I call home.

These pictures are not from my home. This place was designed by Rudolph Schindler and opened to the public this past Sunday by a generous soul who let us enjoy the intersection between architecture, art, and tranquility.


And yes, I did walk in and say, “Wow!”


Today there will be only one post as I am setting things up to release the book tomorrow on Kindle.


There are days that feel like a feast, and yesterday was one of them.


  1. Heather in Arles

    Gorgeous. And do you know that I thought today that I am already looking forward to rereading “It’s in His Kiss”? No kidding!

  2. George Kaplan

    I think it unlikely that the Good side of the City of Angels could ever have a better champion than you, Vickie.
    (Hey, no need for dry heaving!)

  3. George Kaplan

    Oh, and I just thought of the perfect – and perfectly obvious – song to accompany this post: Randy Newman’s I Love L.A.!

    • That’s funny! When I was in college in New York I listened to Randy Newman singing about how grungy and absurd everything was, it wasn’t until later that he started to sing the praises of his home town 😉 .

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