Hollywood Fashion – 1950

Or, the ladies who lunch at Perino’s:

The Beverly Hills Hotel:

And, the Ambassador Hotel:


    • You said it! I do remember when I was very, very, little wearing white cotton gloves and patent leather Mary Jane’s and thinking I was stylin’ – and it was definitely another century.

  1. “Damn it Perino’s is mine!” Faye Dunnaway “Mommie Dearest”. The closest I ever got to Perino’s was lunch with my Granny at Clifton’s Cafeteria in down town Los Angeles. You could eat your cherry jello with whipped cream perched in a redwood tree!

      • Mmmm…that almost makes them braver…..everyone would be secretly glancing at them and thinking “Look at HER walker!” In today’s context, if we said that in NZ we would be talking about the walking frame an elderly person uses to help them get about.

  2. I was happily reading the comments, then I got confused (2013 reference), then I realized the comments I was reading had been made in 2012. Now I feel as if I’ve REALLY stepped out of a time machine!

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