Lucky’s Luscious (Italian) Meatballs… In which Jackie Collins recounts making supper for Frank Sinatra… click on the letters…




Lucky’s Luscious (Italian) Meatballs » Jackie Collins.


  1. Well, all I can say is I hope Jackie Collins writes better than she cooks. (Did you actually watch that video? Ugh!!) They look like burnt hockey pucks! Not a single one was even close to round. When she tried to cut into one, it fell apart in chunks. And her big secret ingredient is dried chili peppers… um… just, no. What she made was charred mini-burgers. My Irish mother makes better Italian meatballs than that. 8-D

    • That’s the first thing I noticed… Hockey pucks! I would have made them nice and round for camera and baked them in the oven before finishing in the frying pan 😉 . Must have been paying the videographer by the hour.

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