Come Fly With Me… Frank Sinatra and Vickie Lester… click on the blue letters…

1962 frank sinatra photo ted allan

Anne boarded the plane shortly after six p.m. and was greeted by a tall, glossily blond-haired and singularly beautiful flight attendant. She saw two assistants in expensive suits sitting with open laptops balanced on their knees.At the front of the plane in the cockpit she glimpsed the pilot and copilot,both intent on the instruments and definitely ex–Air Force. However,Anne’s attention was truly drawn to one person seated halfway down the plane.There he was, red-faced, sweating, tugging at his tie, and yelling into his phone: Joe Merlin. “Fucking shit!” he sputtered, spittle flying from the corners of his mouth.“You tell her it’s not a fucking ‘blatant’ fuckwad advertisement! It’s a fucking feature film! And product placement is something for which yours truly is eternally grateful.Tell her ‘her character’ would BLOW SATAN HIMSELF for a chance to drive a BMW. You got that? How the hell does she think I pay for these things, anyway? Goddamn motherfucking cocksucking bastard of all bitch-bastards! Goddamn it to hell! God damn HER to hell!” he said in enthusiastic farewell, then glanced up, to see Anne staring at him, frozen in place and blinking like a rabbit that was fervently hoping that the lights heading toward it were not at all dangerous. Strangely, as soon as he noticed her presence Anne unfroze and walked, albeit warily, to him. Merlin wiped his perspiring brow with a silk handkerchief, hefted his not inconsiderable bulk to his feet with some effort, and offered his hand to Anne to shake. Suddenly his voice was low and pleasingly well-modulated,“Hello, Anne. I’m Joe.” Indicating a seat directly across from him he said,“Please.” Anne sat. He patted her shoulder and she could feel her spine compress. Hand still on her shoulder, he leaned slightly forward and peered into her face.“Your dad’s a lantzman, a mensch, you know these words?”

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  1. June 13, 2014

    Great picture of Frank!

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