Jack Lemmon talks about Judy Holliday


She was intelligent and not at all like the dumb blonds she so often depicted. She didn’t give a damn where the camera was placed, how she was made to look, or about being a star. She just played the scene — acted with, not at. She was also one of the nicest people I ever met.


  1. I’m potty about both of them. I love her in Adam’s Rib. She was my kind of actress with a wonderful ability to make you laugh and cry. Well, he was too. I miss these stars. Real stars, real actors.

    • I was watching an old movie a couple of days ago, made in 1940, it had narrative drive, masterful direction, gorgeous photography, and the actor’s faces…you could see deep into their characters in every gesture and the smallest glimmer of an expression…maybe because there was no Botox, nor anyone dressed as an X-Man, robot, or super-creature… Whoa, I need a cup of coffee 😉 !

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