The Los Angeles Times: first printing 1881, bombing 1910, biggest circulation 2008

1881 –

1885 –

1910 – a bomb goes off in the night –


1910 – a crowd gathers –

1910 – the day after –

1910 – inside the presses are buried in rubble –

1910 – cleanup begins –

1926 –

1934 – another incarnation – construction – Architect: Gordon B. Kaufmann –

1935 – completion –

1936 –


  1. Nice sequence. You know, it has bothered me ever since you said you never read the David Niven autobiographies. You of all people should hie yourself to the bookstore and pick up the “Moon’s A Balloon.” You have so much delight ahead of you. While the first part of the book is Hollywoodless, it remains the finest film actor’s autobiography there is. The other books are good, but the Moon’s A Balloon is magic. Seriously. Now, that’s enough meddling in your affairs.

  2. The Times building and City Hall were icons of the Big City to me when we came in to town from the “Inland Empire” on what we called the San Bernardino Freeway. Now they are lost in the new skyline.

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  4. I of course have not seen this new skyline.I must look it up.Blade Runner meets Dubai sounds interesting.For my money New Shanghai beats all for freak buildings.Have you had a good look at it?

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