Writing a novel is a lot like seeing the madonna in your sock drawer…

photo 2(1)First of all, you have to be looking…

photo 2And then you have to be willing to see whoever turns up…

photo 2(1) copyBehold — if the blessed one, blighted one, or anyone deigns to reveals itself, herself, himself to you it’s best to pay attention and start writing things down.

What’s your writing process like?


  1. Writing is funny, isn’t it, how it’s so uneven. Sometimes things write themselves, while other times you work and work and work to make it come out right. I also find a lot of writing is thinking.

    With your novel, did you find a lot of it “poured” onto the page/computer screen, or were there a lot of times you had to wrestle with it?

  2. My writing process is sort of like the stomach flu. I feel a project coming on, I think about it a while, and then when I finally realize it’s time to get down to it, it falls out of me all at once. The rumination process is very important, though. If I just decide “I want to write something” without going through the fermentation, I’m never happy with the result. This goes for any kind of writing – songwriting, poetry, stories.

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