William Holden and Audrey Hepburn smile over supper – behind the scenes on Sabrina

William And Audrey


  1. Heather in Arles

    SUCH a lovely Audrey posture. And what a great energy between them–more than what ended up on fim!
    Mr. Holden has also “got milk” I see..

  2. George Kaplan

    Gorgeous photo! Sabrina is such a sweet film (with a hint of Wilderian tartness to taste) and Audrey was unutterably charming as usual, the remake was a silly idea, no one could compare with her (one highlight of the remake: Fanny Ardant’s striking French loveliness). Bill Holden did a good job as the feckless yet likeable David while Bogie was not bad – if worn and arguably miscast – as Linus because hey! he was Bogie!

    • Remake-wise… Fanny Ardant would have been more age appropriate for Mr. Ford, but not for the part 😉 which went to a countrywoman of yours, Julia Ormond!
      Original-wise… I always thought Bill Holden got the rough end, so to speak.

  3. George Kaplan

    Yep, I saw the remake with Julia! (I didn’t want to dismiss her for not being Audrey, by name!) That’s why I remember Fanny had a supporting role 🙂 Holden did but I think he pulled it off.

  4. Hepburn looks delicious! Would love to kiss those buttercup lips like a gentleman. If Hollywood decides to make a biopic on Hepburn, they should make sure Lindsay Lohan’s kept far far away! Still pity poor Elizabeth Taylor!

  5. As always, I’m drawn to the details – the cutlery, the glassware, the accoutrements…. fascinating! I wonder if Holden is drinking milk because he likes milk, or because he’s had too much whiskey (that was a common antidote back in the day). Folks whose doctors told them to lay off the booze because of stomach ulcers would sometimes dose their milk with whiskey to “get away with it”.

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