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July 21, 2018 /

Cameron Crow: Having created Norma Desmond, what did it feel like making the movie? Was she a living, breathing person to you? Billy Wilder: Yes she was, yes she was. Yes, absolutely. Suddenly there is a person there, not just on paper. She was a real character, who had lived,…

December 29, 2017 /
March 29, 2017 /
August 16, 2016 /

Tony Curtis — Orry-Kelly did the dresses for Marilyn Monroe, and Jack and I were going to wear clothes out of Western Costumes. So I went to Western Costumes and they fitted us out in these dresses that belonged to Loretta Young and Kate Smith and Debbie Reynolds and Lola…

September 17, 2015 /

I have been contemplating, and not my navel, for the past couple days and have been absent from my post. Soon (ish) I’ll be back chattering and responding to your comments which I apologize for neglecting. I might have something profound to say about social networking — but probably not…

July 18, 2015 /