Patti Smith on fame


“I didn’t have time to read, I wasn’t studying, wasn’t writing. I was basically promoting, going to radio stations, performing, battling bronchitis because there was so much smoke in venues. I thought, I see a lot of potential fame and fortune, but I don’t see a lot of human evolution. Nothing will stifle your human evolution more than fame and fortune.”


via Patti Smith: punk poet queen | Music | The Guardian.


  1. I remember Patti Smith very well.Some very powerful lyrics from her.Still like her as it happens.Did you know that she wrote-Because the Night-with Bruce Springsteen?

  2. lovely posts – we have missed catching up here!


    Patti anecdote alert:

    we lived around the corner from her in SoHo and one darkly snowy night we were out testing our new swedish wellington boots and crunching the ice on the sidewalk gingerly en route to the korean grocery store on the corner of prince and thompson and suddenly PATTI SMITH swooped round the corner with her son – both dressed in head to toe black long Russian army coats (looked like thrift store, probably Rick Owens) – everyone stopped and stared in the snow.

    she was magnificent.

    • The Mister just told me that Ms. Smith’s son is married to Meg, formerly of the White Stripes…
      And, the Kid (who last night was on a quest for destroyed deer skin high tops on the interwebs) happened to mention the price point of a Rick Owens garment.
      Heavens 😉

  3. Heather in Arles

    And not to mention that Rick Owens is from LA, ladies. Although he has since bought the Parisian fur house Revillion and now resides in Tribeca, I believe. Quite a stunning home, actually. He is one of our great designers. Why I didn’t buy him when I still had money I’ll never know…

    Anywho, for my Ms. Smith story (tg knows this one already): she performed here in Arles during the Rencontres Photo Festival a few years ago in the Antique Theatre. For some reason, she decided to perform in the Roman orchestre without any delineation between her and the public. Well, if the French aren’t capable of staying in line, they sure aren’t going to be capable of resisting getting close to an icon. One poor fool with a camera ignored her angry stares until she took a massive swipe at his head with her (possibly Rick Owens) booted foot. Obscenities were uttered. Said dude backed off…mighty quick…

  4. One day I going to brave the hazardous entrance to my loft{climb ladder,stand on bookcase} and see if I still have some of Patti on vinlyl.A good vinyl playing deck might be the next step as the one i bought for the purpose has never convinced me that it might not eat my vintage records up.Oh hell I will buy a few cds.

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