Portrait by Horst – Loretta Young NY 1941

1941 Horst NY Loretta Young

As a typical example of wartime escapism, the Rita Hayworth film Cover Girl (1944) provided Horst with the opportunity to produce one of his most sumptuous film-star covers in a montage of seven different portraits of the cover girl Susann Shaw set against a silk design. His picture of Loretta Young became an almost immediate classic when it was featured in a special edition of Vogue which included masterpieces of photography selected by (classic photographer Edward) Steichen to show off the first hundred years of the medium.

via Horst P Horst | Classic Photography.


  1. I’m predictable but I love that picture 🙂 The black dress, the dashes of red, the pose, the bared throat, the faraway expression on her face… It’s so sensuous. Ahem… Maybe, that’s just my interpretation!

  2. Drat! And the hat… how could I forget to mention the *hat*?! 😉 Yet aaanother aamaaazing choice, Ms Vickie!

  3. Dearest V
    The Dandy just adores Horst.
    Ever since a retrospective of his vertiginous almost architectural pictures at the National Portrait Gallery, why almost a decade ago.
    Loretta is done a great service here… she’s a wonder!
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

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