Dressing up as Cleopatra – Theda Bara 1917

Poster - Cleopatra (1917)_01Annex - Bara, Theda (Cleopatra)_05Annex - Bara, Theda (Cleopatra)_04Bara, Theda (Cleopatra)_01


  1. Heather in Arles

    Definitely before the Code, I would say. 😉
    And I got so screwed when I played Cleopatra–a “minimalist” production! All I got was a little swath of gold paint on my forehead and feet! It would have been a whoooole different ballgame with a pearl bra and peacock train.

  2. Vickie,I find myself saying all the time-What wonderful pictures etc.Here I go again it would seem.Pictures are wonderful and hard put to elevate one above the other.Having said that,the Movie poster is a wonderful period piece and the last picture{which I have never seen before}wonderful.Interesting the connection also between Art Deco in some of its manifestations and Egyptian art.

    I have a number of ancient Egyptian replicas in the house on a shelf devoted to them and within the last few days have been faking down a medium sized Bast that I bought recently.It worked out well,although the chemical used is awful.

    Just in passing never cease to be amazed at the truly awful fake bits of ancient Egyptian tack on E Bay that people put up good money for.Was looking at some last night and was shaking my head in disbelief as they were so crude.

    • I think that you are perfectly correct in saying that those are peacock feather in her train.The fan also seems composed of the same feathers.I am not really sure how they would have been obtained?Any suggestions anyone?

  3. Don’t knock Ebay… I got the most beautiful Duncan Phyfe sofa – in red velvet, no less – for $350! Someone’s granny in Virginia kicked off and they sold it for a song. I had it appraised, and the frame alone – even without a stitch of upholstery on it – is worth $4000.00! I also make a nice little bundle on Ebay every month selling vintage eyeglasses – Ebay ROCKS!

    Re: Egyptian artifacts… If a seller can flog imitation Egyptian items, and the buyer is happy with what they purchase, nobody has lost anything. If people are too stupid to do research on an item before buying it, that’s their fault, not Ebay’s.

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