This time last year I was deep into the novel, working with my line editor in London…

An example of a photo you’d take while waiting to receive your editor’s daily notes – how could anyone question the literary output of one who would wear such socks? Now you see exactly why I need an editor, a little governing is always a good idea faced with baffling sartorial license — not to mention the liberties I take with the English language — I know I’ve mentioned this before, but my poetic license? Revoked.

striped socks


  1. Wow! Girlfriend must do yoga! That is quite a pose!
    I do hope that your migraine has blown away like the powderpuff seeds of a dandelion.
    And hey? As far as poetic license is concerned? I make words up when needed. So sue me. 😉

    • Once upon a time I didn’t need to do yoga… Now I probably should.
      Migraine g-g-gone! And the Mr. returning from a movie location this afternoon. 🙂
      I don’t make words up, but I like to use them in unexpected ways, however, a certain editor doesn’t allow that very often… Three cheers for clarity??? Or maybe he’s just worn me down. 😉

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