Cider Caramel Apple Pie recipe on… A Thanksgiving Delight!

Holy Moly! I do believe I have found the Thanksgiving Apple Pie I’ve been looking for all my life.

apple pie mildred pierceThanks to Erin McDowell and one of my favorite cooking blogs:

This filling is tart, but with a rich creaminess to it, because it’s finished with butter. It’s sweet, but not overly so. I used Honeycrisp apples, which hold up very well in baking, resulting in a filling that’s tender, but still has a little bite. In the end, I decided to add a little brown sugar to the mix (it balances things out in a really yummy way), but I can attest wholeheartedly that this recipe works without it — if you like things a little less sweet, leave it out! The finished pie really has everything, a bright, intensely apple flavor, a hint of sweetness that has that characteristic caramel flavor, a little bit of salt to tie it all together, and (of course) a tender, flaky crust encasing the whole thing. In my mind, any pie is a good pie, but this…this is a really good pie. It’s definitely going to be the official apple pie at my Thanksgiving table this year, and for many years to come
– erinmcdowell

Cider Caramel Apple Pie recipe on

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  1. November 23, 2014

    I think I’d like to find my 20-inch waistline again… don’t aprons look great on fine-waisted women?

    • November 24, 2014

      I have to admit, the kind of apron I wear when I really get into it has a bib attached. I probably should wear a toque as well, many is the time I have emerged from the kitchen with a streak of flour in my hair. What’s a 20-inch waistline? 😉

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