1. Not seen this one before.Now she amongst one of my three pictures of old Hollywood stars.I have never however to date seen any of her work.I just love the images.

    • Heather in Arles

      Actually, Edward I just realized that is true for me as well! But somehow she is so present in photographs that it seems as though I have.
      I also want to read her autobiography…

      • Yes I think that is a good comment.She is so photogenic and her image so pervasive that it is quite easy to imagine that you have seen her films.I did not know that there was an autobiography- so thank you.I know however that although she lived to a late old age that she must have been a heavy smoker as she had chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

  2. Love her hair/face, but … um… am I the only one to wonder if she’s smuggling a softball under there? What is that? It’s too low (I hope) to be a boob. It’s too small and perfectly round to be a stomach (egads)… I mean… what IS THAT?!?!

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