When Christmas Collides With Perimenopause

I bring you tidings of great joy,

The Mayo Clinic lists Perimenopause under “diseases and conditions.” Isn’t that lovely?

Admiring the feeling of festivity in the air, and the lights twinkling in windows and on pine boughs; I came home after the street lamps were lit to find a Nylon flag semi-erected in my neighbor’s front lawn. I think it’s supposed to be a nativity  scene — a super-cheap crèche — suitable for any trailer park.

Yes. I’m in full on Joan mode. Getting ready to lay out the Christmas feast — for sixteen.

Babies, I wish you peace, loving kindness, and steady hormonal levels.

bruce davidson photo of joan crawford


  1. Oh my God those eyes!! “You’ll eat what I cook and LIKE it, dammit!”

    Our neighbors have a lovely creche on the lawn. With Mary, Joseph, Jesus and Santa. Who knew there was a fourth wise man?

    Wishing you a lovely holiday season, and some helping hands in the kitchen! Unless that kind of thing drives you crazy.

    I’m so happy I found you this year! One of the things I’m thankful for!

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