Wishing you the merriest!

VL christmas-Bert Stern of VerushkaHello, angels. That’s a Christmas table, almost set for 15, and to the right we have Verushka, photographed by Bert Stern in 1967.

As I type I am perched on the couch by Mister Lester.

Presents have been wrapped, delicacies prepared, and a particular calm has fallen, when you know guests are on the way and your heart’s content lies in the person by your side, and the company to come…

Joyous Season’s Greetings.


  1. rschulenberg

    Merry, Merry Christmas to you wonderful Blodg- er, Lesters.
    I hope your guests aren’t. – late! That can seem quite rude.
    Especially for your generous hospitality! X. X. X. X. 🎅. 🎄
    And. H. A. P. P. Y. N. E. W. Y. E. A. R!

  2. George Kaplan

    Hope You’ve been enjoying a VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAS DAY, Lesters, with barrelfuls of CHRISTMAS CHEER! And there are 11 more days to come (it used to be 37 more as I learned today) seeing you into a MERRY NEW YEAR!
    Greetings of the Season, tardy Santa Claus

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