Civil Rights Roundtable 1963



  1. Recently, I watched a documentary on Ethel Kennedy and in it she shared her life as a politician’s wife, wife of a President, and as a mother. I found her interview to be riveting as it highlighted the efforts of her husband to bring social justice to the forefront as well as the legacy they wish for their children to carry forth into the world. Inspirational.

    • Impressive, right? I heard about it, but still haven’t seen it. A family devoted to public service and afflicted with tragedy. It was probably a stroke of genius on Rory’s part to make the film — the candor and affection directed toward the youngest can be very revealing. Thanks, Grace – I’ll make sure I watch it.

  2. Priceless interview Vickie. I suppose it was NOT shown on all TV stations as part of MLK Day. The standard of the discussion is probably too high for today’s stations 😦

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